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She is both vehicle and destination.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

TreZure dreams of stages. She listens for the depth of her voice on grand orchestral platforms and in the middle of a circle of people in red dirt. She dreams of chants and syncopated dances.  She often longs for the echoes of riads and project staircases. She yearns for the sounds she makes  in these spaces to touch every thing living in this world. That isn't easy.

So she continues to sing for the bones. 


It's magic music she makes. It's hood intonation through Turkish, Portuguese and Kreyol lyrics. It a seduction learned from Taarab, and Yambu and Seguiriyas and  a determination found in Ringshouts. It's an elegance that defies space and time like Chaka and Alice Coltrane. Its the power that pumps during Carnival and the masquerade of emotions.

With her honed sound , THE SHIVERS tells a story of loving and being  wild, siting a world of vocals, sensations and rebirths. 

Photographs courtesy of Kwesi Abbensetts

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Come Down (2017)

Adding the title producer to her repertoire, she offers ambient soundscapes with a bright globally infused sound. Upbeat yet emotional, COME DOWN's mystical lyrics are alluring, thoughtful and rhythmic. The message she articulates to her listeners: worship themselves and leave worries behind.

This is the first single from her self producd album THE SHIVERS, coming out this fall. Very committed to her Caribbean culture, TreZure Empire created this song to celebrate what "playing mas" does to the spirit. Often during Carnival processions, the heat leads to rain, at times pouring, but never stopping the masqueraders from reveling in the streets. 

She hopes COME DOWN will share this ritual with the world.

Now Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and more!!

Let Me Go  (2017)

Recorded in 2013, TreZure Empire reintroduces herself with a live performance of  "Let Me Go" from one of her last sets before taking a 4 year hiatus from the stage. But you wouldn't know by the sound of it. Vibrant and determined, her chant releases anger and blues in this minimalist, electronic soul set. This song is a perfect introduction to the wine and groove style production TreZure is invoking on THE SHIVERS, coming 2018.

Accompanied by Sebastian Apolinario on live production.

Now Available  on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!


the shivers